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At Vital Signs we always puts our customers first and we believe that our friendly attitude, honesty and attention to detail is what has built our company to what it is today.

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Vital Signs & Graphics

Vital Signs was established in November 2009 as a sideline hobby on the farm. We converted a two-car garage into an office and shop and soon realized after two short years our business had outgrown its location and the decision was made to search for a property in Melfort. This move would create an opportunity for the business to grow and expand and after ten years we now have a team of five employees and have expanded our trading area to include all of Saskatchewan and reach as far east as Winnipeg and west to Calgary.


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Jeff Pederson
Owner / Design / Production

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Marla Pederson


Delphine Asplind
Design / Production

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Kelsey Pederson

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Lee-Ann Love
Trophies / Engraving

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Public Relations

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